About Stamping and Blogging

We are an International company that deals in providing its users with a simple way to create their own stamps. These stamps are what make your business stand out from amongst the rest. The process of making your own seal is entirely online. There is not much of effort that is required from your side. Even a person without creative experience can create a stamp from our software.

After you have designed your stamp, you can download it in various formats like pdf, SVG, png, or .doc. The interface of the stamp generator is customer friendly. So even if you have almost no experience in Corel Draw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc., you can use the software. 

At Stampingandblogging.com, we also provide users to create layouts in vector formats. When you use vectors, the format allows you to do the following:

Only our designer allows you to make a round seal in triangular or rectangular form. Whatever layout you use, you can download the resultant image in different ways basis how you want it. There is also a “Save Layout” Feature that you can use to save it and come back and edit it later.

Download the software on your website

At Stampingandblogging.com, you get the benefit of downloading the software in the widget form. Once the manufacturer has done that, he can access the stamp maker anytime he wants. But this feature is shareware. To use this software’s benefits, you will first have to register on our website Stampingandblogging.com.
Once you have registered with us, you may check the website. There we have mentioned all the details of downloading the software and how it is useful.

Why you need to create your stamps at Stampingandblogging.com

Our website offers you the convenience of creating a unique and customized seal for your business. This seal helps you in creating your own brand identity in the eyes of your customers. Here are some reasons why you should trust us with the stamp creation process.

Stampingandblogging.com is fully committed to offering superior quality stamps to its customers. To know more about us, you can contact us. We will then show you how you can create the stamp from our website.