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Stamps have been used for millennia to validate all kinds of documents: from royal proclamations and bills of the Parliament to various treatises and contracts. With time, they also acquired an ornamental purpose, and so today you can find imprints in books, on cards, invitations, engravings, etc. Technological advances have revolutionized the process of making stamps and adding them to documents. As more and more businesses and individuals conduct their operations online, they use digital stamps and seals to prove e-documents. In our article we discuss the requirements for such electronic seals and whether or not it is possible to make them yourself for free.

How Designing a Custom Stamp Works

Designing custom seals and stamps has never been easier! You can effortlessly produce stamps for personal or professional use even if you are absolutely new to the task. An online tool helps to generate a square, round, or circular stamp in just a few clicks. Once you are happy with the layout, you can download it in one of the formats (.png, .svg, .pdf, or .docx) for a fee or free of charge, depending on the service you choose.

If you make stamps for your business needs (e.g. a notary service) or an important life event (e.g. a wedding), we recommend using a professional paid tool to ensure the highest quality. There are special online shops that allow to make seals and pre-inked stamps with the design of any complexity, using the modern vector graphics form ensuring the most flexibility.

Once you are happy with your design, you can select “Save stamp” feature and fix your design. Should you decide to change it, you can easily do it. Just remember that you should place an order for a physical stamp only when you are completely please with your digital design. After saving your design, you can download it onto your hard drive or any device, upload it to a cloud storage, or send it to your email and keep there in a folder.

How much does it cost to make a stamp?

The cost of making a custom stamp largely depends on the type of image provided and produced. It normally starts at $2.50 and go as high up as $5.50. Pricing is calculated prior to customizing your stamp. Extra cost will be calculated if you decide to have a physical stamp, as well. In such case, you will need to purchase a base, an embosser, the handle, and the ink. Payment can be made by different means, please check Terms and Conditions of a specific designer company.

Why it is recommended to create a stamp with an online custom stamp maker?

There are many online shops that provide a stamp designing service to help visitors to create bespoke seals of any complexity for various industries using ready-made templates. A designer tool’s intuitive, user-friendly interface allows to produce a desirable result without specific skills in image-editing programs, like Illustrator and PhotoShop by Adobe or Corel Draw.

Professional stamp makers work with different image formats, to create unique quality designs. The most usual ones are:

If you plan to use both digital and photopolymer or rubber stamps, we recommend opting for a vector graphics format. This image prototype helps:

In addition, a modern online stamp maker is a fantastic opportunity to flex your creative muscles. You can convert any kind of text and images into a digital format, apply minimal or fully-fledged editing, and view the image before saving it.


Below are some frequently asked questions on the subject of making stamps online.

Such background is normal for .PNG images but it comes out properly white when inserted in a page. You can experiment with other document formats to verify this.

It is possible to change the text or logo imprint on your rubber stamps. Do bear in mind, though, that you must not use different stamps for sealing your paper and digital documents. Therefore, if you need to change the text, if only slightly, you have to alter the digital copy of your stamp and then order a new rubber one.

Having said that, once you receive the new rubber pad all you need to do is to gently extract the old one from the base and insert the new one. Check the alignment and make sure it is properly fixed.

It is possible to make digital stamps using an electronic image-editing tool. Some of the best-known platforms include PhotoShop, Illustrator, CorelDraw; but it is also possible to use your regular Word or another similar editor. There are online tools that help you do the work and provide the required result.

Making digital stamps in a constructor provides their creator with flexibility and convenience of having all necessary elements at hand. A variety of backgrounds, supported formats, vector graphics, and frames opens up unlimited options. Such constructor has detailed video instructions on working with a bitmap image, to let you juggle elements and spacing with a click of an icon. You can scale images up or down, remove unnecessary details, to ensure absolute satisfaction.

However, if you are looking to make a professional stamp to go on your company’s official documents, we recommend visiting or writing to a professional firm. The principal reason for doing so is that the company deals with such requests on a permanent basis. They usually understand exactly what you need and quickly provide the service. They work with many industries and the needs of businesses are well-known to them. They are likely to offer you a range of acceptable stamp templates, from which you will choose the one you deem awesome.

First, decide whether your stamp is going to be for personal or professional use. If you order both digital and physical stamps from the same stamp maker, it may save you some cost. They are likely to sell some ready-made designs to choose from, or you may decide to design your own stamp from scratch. Once you started editing your stamp design, decide what data it has to bear. Normally, such information includes the company name and logo and the registration number. Optionally, however, you may choose to enter a company address or the date and signature fields. You can experiment with shapes, frames, fonts, various elements and spacing, to create the stamp that absolutely satisfies you. Once you have customized your stamp design in the editor and happy with the finished image, save it, pay for it, and download it for your use.

Yes, you can normally order this service from the same company whose online tool you used to produce a stamp. Alternatively, you can send this design to a printing shop that specializes in manufacturing rubber or photopolymer stamps. They will be able to manufacture a seal and accessories to it in a variety of colors. To find such a service, browse Google Maps to find a company near you and check their website for services they provide.

There are free tools to make stamps online free of charge. You can certainly use them if you are in the process of experimenting with your designs. Once you feel more confident, and especially if you want to have a stamp for your business (e.g. a medical clinic), we highly recommend turning to professional seal manufacturers.

A photopolymer stamp is a new version of a standard rubber stamp. They are made from a clear, flexible and transparent material with a light-sensitive coating. Such stamps can serve diverse functions and be applied anywhere, including paper crafts and card making. The principal difference from rubber stamps is that this kind is usually sold as unmounted sheets. The photopolymer ensures a better visibility and is friendlier to the environment than rubber.

Drawing inks that come in a variety of colors are widely used by customers of rubber stamps. They are most readily available and are easy to replace.

Garamond, Verdana, and Georgia are the top fonts that are mostly used in rubber stamps. These classic styles boast high readability and are recognized by most stamp users. If you want to have a personalized stamp, you can certainly opt for a different font and its size.